Bitcoin-ransoming Romney taxation ‘hacker’ faces 25 years inside

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A self-confessed hacker who sought a million-dollar Bitcoin remuneration in sell for then-US Presidential claimant Mitt Romney’s taxation annals has been found guilty of coercion and fraud.

In Aug 2012 Michael Mancil Brown, 37, sent a minute to one of Romney’s accountants, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), claiming to have hacked a company’s servers and performed a taxation annals of Romney and his mother Ann. He demanded a million-Bitcoin ransom.

At a time Romney was 3 months divided from a presidential choosing and had been criticized for usually releasing dual years of taxation returns, display he paid about 15 per cent tax. Brown claimed to have a taxation earnings pre-2010 and pronounced he offering identical terms to a internal Democratic and Republican parties.

The following month, regulating a moniker Dr Evil, Brown put adult a array of posts on Pastebin claiming that PwC’s network had been physically breached on Aug 25. A hacking tenure member operative in a bureau above had damaged into a PwC terminal, extracted a files to a USB stick, and afterwards squirrelled it out of a building.

Brown threatened a full recover of a taxation earnings online by Sep 28, and pronounced that some media firms had been sent copies but

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