Bitcoin Ransomware Education – Crypvault

Some of the more modern types of Bitcoin ransomware pose a significant threat to computer users to this very day. Crypvault is in the top three on that list, as this kind of malware includes some new routines that make life even harder for infected users. In fact, this is the first type of ransomware to include an antivirus toolkit preventing users from accessing files.

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Crypvault Quarantines Computer Files After Encryption

TheMerkle_Crypvault Ransomware Bitcoin

Any type of Bitcoin ransomware is annoying enough to deal with because it encrypts necessary file extensions on the computer. Not only are these files inaccessible to the end user, but most types of malware will also prevent users to restore files from a backup, as they affect shadow volumes in the file system.

Crypvault is proving to be quite an annoying type of Bitcoin ransomware in that regard. This malware encrypts files by appending a “.VAULT” extension to the data, but it also includes an antivirus service that keeps these

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