Bitcoin Ransomware Infects Multiple German Hospitals

Ransomware has become a real plague for Internet users all over the world. There is nothing more annoying than using a computer only to have the end user completely locked out due to a piece of malware encrypting all of the necessary files. Various German hospitals have fallen victim to ransomware infections in the past few weeks, and the only option was to pay a Bitcoin ransom so day-to-day operations could continue.

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German Hospitals Fall Victim To Ransomware

Throughout the past few years, various major institutions have fallen victim to the ransomware threat. One of the main reasons why this type of malware targets medical facilities, for example, is because they need access to their files at any given time. As a result, there is a much higher chance of getting the ransom paid in Bitcoin relatively quickly.

German hospitals have seen ransomware infections popping up on their computers in recent weeks, which disrupted healthcare services and made internal systems all but unusable. The only way to circumvent this issue is by paying the associated ransom in Bitcoin, as most types of ransomware prevent users from

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