Bitcoin Ransomware May Soon Become a Thing of the Past

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Ransomware has been around since 1989 after Joseph Popp created the first malware known as AIDS or PC Cyborg. After 27 years, internet users are still finding themselves becoming targets to advanced versions of these malware which holds them for ransom by encrypting all the files on their computer. Almost all ransomware demand varying amounts in ransom to be sent in the form of bitcoin to the creator or distributor of the malware in order to get the decryption tool to regain access to the files.

The ease of transactions and a certain degree of anonymity offered by bitcoin transactions has made it the preferred currency of cybercriminals. But it may not stay the same way for long. When Bitcoin was introduced, people believed that the digital currency was completely anonymous and hard to track. However, a combination of transparent blockchain that records all transactions and tracking methods have now proven that bitcoin transactions are pseudonymous at best and with some extra effort, the identity of people making bitcoin transactions can be uncovered.

Kaspersky Labs has made that effort to successfully track few suspected cybercriminals behind the ransomware attacks. The cyber security firm followed the bitcoin transaction trail over the blockchain to

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