Bitcoin Reddit Moderators Take Down Fake TREZOR Advertisements

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Scammers are perplexing to pretence bitcoin users in mixed ways. Not too prolonged ago, several antagonistic advertisements were popping adult all over opposite hunt engines. But it looks like scammers are regulating a new tactic, by compelling ads on Reddit. Thankfully, a ad got removed, as they attempted to burlesque a TREZOR online shop.

Fake Bitcoin Ads Are Everywhere

For beginner users who have never had a hands-on knowledge with Bitcoin, a landscape is looking rather frightful right now. With all these antagonistic advertisements, fraud websites, and opposite entities, it becomes many harder to find a legitimate platform. Things are usually removing worse over time, it seems, as these antagonistic ads are display adult everywhere one looks.

Paid advertisements are a double-edged sword, as no one is 100% certain a legitimate business is being proposed. In many cases, this is not a large problem, though in a Bitcoin world, things are really different. The series of fake websites continues to grow, and criminals are switching adult their strategy whenever they can.

To put this into perspective, a new form of antagonistic announcement was manifest on a /r/Bitcoin subreddit not too prolonged ago. Although a announcement looked to be

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