Bitcoin Reddit Moderators Take Down Fake TREZOR Advertisements

Scammers are trying to trick bitcoin users in multiple ways. Not too long ago, various malicious advertisements were popping up all over different search engines. But it looks like scammers are using a new tactic, by promoting ads on Reddit. Thankfully, the ad got removed, as they tried to impersonate the TREZOR online shop.

Fake Bitcoin Ads Are Everywhere

For novice users who have never had a hands-on experience with Bitcoin, the landscape is looking somewhat scary right now. With all these malicious advertisements, scam websites, and unknown entities, it becomes much harder to find a legitimate platform. Things are only getting worse over time, it seems, as these malicious ads are showing up everywhere one looks.

Paid advertisements are a double-edged sword, as no one is 100% certain a legitimate business is being proposed. In most cases, this is not a big problem, but in the Bitcoin world, things are very different. The number of fake websites continues to grow, and criminals are switching up their tactics whenever they can.

To put this into perspective, a new type of malicious advertisement was visible on the /r/Bitcoin subreddit not too long ago. Although the advertisement looked to be

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