Bitcoin robber offers $600K “giveaway”

Reddit user rekcahxfb – that spells bfxhacker backwards – says they’re planning to give away 1,000 bitcoins next Wednesday.

BFX, as in, Bitfinex, as in, we are being led to believe that this Redditor is the mugger who made off with 119,756 bitcoins, worth up to $72 million, and who thereby sent the world’s largest bitcoin-dollar exchange into full freak-out on Tuesday.

post your address below. one lucky winner will receive 1000 BTC after one week from now.

rekcahxfb has also posted the offer on Bitcoin Talk, provided proof that they’ve really got those 1,000 bitcoins, asked for people to submit their bitcoin addresses, and been swamped with replies. What’s more, the hacker has created a “dead man’s switch in case I get blackmailed/arrested/murdered”.

According to Sky News, a dead man’s switch means that the money would disappear forever into a bitcoin eater address after a given period of time, where not even the user could get at it.

This apparent bitcoin Robin Hood has already

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