Bitcoin pirate offers $600K “giveaway”

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Reddit user rekcahxfb – that spells bfxhacker retrograde – says they’re planning to give divided 1,000 bitcoins subsequent Wednesday.

BFX, as in, Bitfinex, as in, we are being led to trust that this Redditor is a mugger who made off with 119,756 bitcoins, value adult to $72 million, and who thereby sent a world’s largest bitcoin-dollar sell into full freak-out on Tuesday.

post your residence below. one propitious leader will accept 1000 BTC after one week from now.

rekcahxfb has also posted a offer on Bitcoin Talk, supposing proof that they’ve unequivocally got those 1,000 bitcoins, asked for people to contention their bitcoin addresses, and been swamped with replies. What’s more, a hacker has combined a “dead man’s switch in box we get blackmailed/arrested/murdered”.

According to Sky News, a passed man’s switch means that a income would disappear perpetually into a bitcoin eater residence after a given duration of time, where not even a user could get during it.

This apparent bitcoin Robin Hood has already

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