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A Florida man was reportedly robbed at knifepoint during a sale of $28,000 in bitcoin this week.

According to the Sun Sentinel, a Palm Beach, Florida-based news service, Steve Manos, a 32-year-old Lake Worth resident, arranged to meet two individuals in West Palm Beach to exchange cash for the digital currency.

Manos is said to have told local authorities that he had met with the two previously for other bitcoin sales. Yet, on 26th July, one of the two sellers pulled out a knife after Manos provided them with $28,000 in cash (worth about 40 BTC at press time). In the ensuing struggle, one of the alleged robbers attempted to take a gun owned by Manos, and ultimately the two individuals fled with the money.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office went on to arrest 34-year-old Andre Allen after Manos provided the office with a phone number he had used to initiate contact for the sale. Manos later identified Allen in a police line-up.

Allen was booked and held on a $31,000 bond. Local arrest records indicate that he was released on 27th July.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office was not immediately available for comment

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