Bitcoin Sale Ends With Knifepoint Robbery in Florida

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A Florida male was reportedly attacked during knifepoint during a sale of $28,000 in bitcoin this week.

According to a Sun Sentinel, a Palm Beach, Florida-based news service, Steve Manos, a 32-year-old Lake Worth resident, organised to accommodate dual people in West Palm Beach to sell income for a digital currency.

Manos is pronounced to have told internal authorities that he had met with a dual formerly for other bitcoin sales. Yet, on 26th July, one of a dual sellers pulled out a blade after Manos supposing them with $28,000 in income (worth about 40 BTC during press time). In a indirect struggle, one of a purported robbers attempted to take a gun owned by Manos, and eventually a dual people fled with a money.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office went on to detain 34-year-old Andre Allen after Manos supposing a bureau with a phone series he had used to trigger hit for a sale. Manos after identified Allen in a military line-up.

Allen was requisitioned and hold on a $31,000 bond. Local detain annals prove that he was expelled on 27th July.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office was not immediately accessible for comment

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