Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – ASSOMiner

Bitcoin cloud mining companies continue to crawl out of the woodworks as of late. Unfortunately, that also means the number of fraudulent offerings continues to grow every week. ASSO advertises itself as the next level Bitcoin cloud mining provider, but it is doubtful anyone will ever see their full investment returned to them.

ASSOMiner Is Just Another Cloud Mining Scam

Any website venturing into the Bitcoin cloud mining space should be scrutinised. The reason for this is simple: it is an expensive business, which requires a lot of dedication. Moreover, the returns on Bitcoin mining are far less spectacular compared to what some people might expect. In most cases, it takes months, if not a full year, to just break even, let alone make a profit.

This is why companies such as ASSOMiner are suspicious from the start. Not only do they promise fast returns and profits, but they also provide zero evidence of their mining hardware. Additionally, their front page has a “limited time offer”, which expires today. If you look tomorrow, it will probably say the same offer expires tomorrow.

It is interesting to see the company list several of their clients to date, including,

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