Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – JoltCorp

Albeit it has become rather easy to distinguish between Bitcoin scam sites, we will continue to uncover the pitfalls unknowing cryptocurrency enthusiasts may fall for. Joltcorp may appear to be a professional cloud mining company, but it does not take much to see they will run off with investor funds at some stage.

Joltcorp is Another Cloud Mining Company

Similar to most other Bitcoin cloud mining companies, Joltcorp wants to profile itself as a professional business. Their website design is a lot more professional compared to most other sites in this industry, but do not be fooled by this ruse. Even their team picture does not look overly convincing at this stage, although credit for putting some faces to the company. However, when looking at the overall “Jolt Team” picture, there are no similar faces compared to the other image. Rather odd, is it not?

It has to be said; Joltcorp is one of the very few companies actively listing their pricing plans on the website without having to register an account. Some people may see this as a sign of credibility, but do not be fooled. All of the price packages are listed in KH/s mining power, which

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