Bitcoin Scam Site Warning – Red Cloud Mine

It has been a while since we last looked at one of the many scams plaguing the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Red Cloud Mine is a relatively new company, promising guaranteed mining profits every hour. It will be hard to do so without any evidence of mining equipment, though. But that is not keeping the company from advertising its services.

No One Believes Red Cloud Mine is Legitimate

Platforms selling website templates for cloud mining and business websites must be making a fortune as of late. So far, there have not been too many Bitcoin scam sites with identical layout, although they do not always look that different either. In the case of Red Cloud Mine, they haven’t even tried to do their best with the text replacement for the template. One of the company’s senior advisors is called John Doe. Uhuh.

The testimonials on the website are completely fake as well, which is not entirely unexpected. While it is good to include them on a front page, none of these people – if they are real, to begin with – believes John Doe is running this company. A nice try by Red Cloud Mine, but no cigar

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