Bitcoin service HashingSpace to open data center in Washington

A well-known bitcoin ASIC mining and hosting firm, HashingSpace Corporation has made it clear that they will be building Fortress One Data Center in Washington. This company wants to contribute in making the whole world adopt bitcoin and the blockchain.

This is not the first data center from this firm and it’s definitely not the last one. HashingSpace has ATMs and bitcoin mining servers that offer wholesale services. The upcoming data center is expected to be modern with advanced features. It will be built by Ross Baruzzini, one of the best architectural companies in the US. This company has been offering engineering and designing services in the lat six decades. It I therefore a perfect choice for this project because it requires innovative and experienced experts to build systems that will work without any hitches.

According the HashingSpace CEO, Timothy Roberts, Ross Baruzzini were chosen because they know how provide contemporary architectural services. It will help the company accomplish its objective of creating an efficient data center that surpasses all in the world. Ross Barruzzini is the firm that will design and build a reliable data center with highly advanced technology that ha never been created by any other bitcoin and blockchain company.

Ross Baruzzini started working with Timothy Roberts in the late 90s and according to the CEO of the firm; they are more than ready to offer the services. The company is aware of the great change in technology and they know what to use to ensure maximum efficiency and environmentally solution. This not going to be an ordinary project, a lot is expected from the construction company.

Fortress One Data Center is just a single milestone of the company’s big business plan. Their main aim is to become the main provider bitcoin solutions. The company has a website where users can register and start mining. Customers do not have to change their daily schedules, the mining process will be controlled professionally. Some of the services offered by HashingSpace include:

  • Hashhosting– This refers to servers are set up and managed for ASIC mining.
  • Cloudhash– These are servers rented and they have hashing power.
  • Hashmining– This the mining farm of the company.
  • Hashpool– This is P2Pool and public Stratum.
  • Hashwallet– This is the consumer wallet used in transactions and banking of bitcoins.
  • Hashatm– the Bitcoin ATM machines are owned by HashingSpace.
  • Hashsticker– This is used in bitcoin value tracking.
  • Hashvar– This is the bitcoin servers wholesalers and ATM machines.

HashingSpace is dedicated and committed in providing excellent bitcoin services and they have hired a well known lawyer, Marco Santori.  This is a big step because he knows quite a lot about bitcoin and his familiar with the digital currency. Santori is the chairman of Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee and has dealt with mining companies, payment processors and exchanges of bitcoin successfully.

According to Timothy Roberts, Hashing Space needed the best lawyer who knows about bitcoin and blochchain technology. Their choice matched what they were looking for. He is an expert in bitcoin and he has been offering legal advice about this digital currency. The company reached an agreement with the lawyer and their customers and shareholders can now be confident with the best legal services in control.

HashingSpace has taken the right steps. It stands high chances of becoming the best bitcoin company in the world. It has taken the right direction and started by building trust with their customers.

To take a virtual tour to Fortress One Data Center, click here.

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