Bitcoin: Should You Get Payment In The Crypto Currency?

Three Reasons You Should Start Getting Paid In Bitcoin by Max Hill, Foundation For Economic Education

The Bitcoin Ecosystem Keeps Growing

Bitcoin is more than seven years old. In that time, it has become more mature, robust, and secure than anyone could have imagined at its inception. A few years ago, the rap against it was its instability, as if a new digital money for the world should find its value and never move. Surprisingly, the price has been fairly stable for the past year

If you’re unfamiliar with it, Bitcoin is a digital currency that exists as entries in a cryptographically secured, decentralized ledger called the blockchain. The technology is already being used by the largest money-center banks, with new applications scheduled to come online in the years ahead.

What’s been lagging has been the consumer market. Adoptions have slowed, mainly due to networked stickiness of existing payment systems. One way to break that trend would be to get

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