Bitcoin Spam Attacks

New information about the spam attack has come to light. The hacker group that recently inundated the Bitcoin network with transactions and a stress test exposed, it seems now to the journalistic nonprofit organization spamWikileaks apart to have. Thousands Bitcoin transactions with minimal amounts are currently directed against Wikileaks and Voat and so far nobody knows the reasons why these two portals are attacked.

Earlier last week, the Bitcoin network with thousands of transactions burdened with the aim to paralyze it, so that requests by flooding can not be answered, and thus collapsing the network. Transactions that typically required about ten minutes until confirmed, slowed as a result of the attack on a time of 14 hours. The situation caused great panic among enthusiasts, 81,000 transactions were recorded.

To the Bitcoin network were paralyze total 3 Bitcoins required that came together in the mass transactions. Is surprising that are used in Wikileaks even larger sums in order to force the platform to its knees. At least 30 Bitcoins seem to be there.

Many stress tests have been carried out in recent weeks in order to shed more light on the discussion about the blockchain block size. While many followers of the opinion, a 1MB limit would be quite sufficient, calls on the other side an increase in the size. Gavin Andresen suggested an increase to 20MB, many Bitcoin followers favor 8MB than optimal block size.

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