Bitcoin Splitsville: Hard Forks and Heart Breaks in Technology

Bitcoin Splitsville: Hard Forks and Heart Breaks in Technology

The old adage “Be careful what you wish for” is apt.

With Bitcoin, we have finally arrived. Blockchain technology is now front and center. Big finance, and by way of, big money is now involved. Pandora’s Box is wide open and the new path forward wears a suit and carries a nice leather briefcase. Although this may not sit well with Tech Libertarians (or various degrees of this school of thought), this is velocity and trajectory that capitalism creates. The mainstream love that blockchain is receiving will, of course, affect the choices being made within Bitcoin.

Do not sweat the hard fork. Many examples of a hard fork can be found in the evolution of various technologies. The BTC community can claim the phrase within context, but it is important to remember that tech has always been defined by hard forks. The direction that technology takes in its pathway forward is often that of least resistance. A great way to eliminate resistance is to have deep pockets. Let’s take a quick peek at a couple

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