Bitcoin Startup Bitreserve Launches Developer API for Payments Platform

Bitcoin startup Bitreserve is making aggressive strides in the digital currency space. Just days after hiring Nike CISO as the company’s first Chief Information Security Officer and announcing zero cost on money conversion and transfer operations, the cloud-based Bitcoin company has launched an API, “Bitreserve Connect” for its currency conversions and payments platform.

The Bitcoin company made the official announcement on its blog via a post titled “Announcing Bitreserve Connect: Where Innovation Meets Money.” The post said,

With Bitreserve Connect, we’re focused on empowering businesses to create and deliver state-of-the-art financial services apps to deserving consumers across the globe.

Developers interested in integrating Bitreserve connect into their financial services apps can visit the App Directory and check out the API documentation.

In the initial offering, the company has the support of three of its partners namely LibertyX, Bitwage, and Easy.Money, with each serving a different, useful purpose.

COO of Bitwage, Jonathan Chester said, “Sending money across borders is a nightmare. Paying employees in different countries means fees for the employer and the employee, plus it adds the uncertainty of when wire transfers will actually come through based on different banking systems around the world.” Jonathan further adds that “Our integration with Bitreserve Connect is going to fundamentally change the game for people that don’t have access to basic banking systems, or are getting penalized in fees.

Bitwage is an international Bitcoin payroll service company which enables international workers and freelancers to easily receive payments at very low costs and exceedingly faster than traditional banking.

Bitreserve’s latest API platform is a significant innovation in itself. Utilizing the cloud technology to swiftly and safely transfer money across international borders at zero costs will disrupt the traditional financial institutions to the core. Bitreserve Connect is also expected to open up a variety of options for developers looking to better their apps.

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