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Bitcoin Startup Blockstream Appoints Adam Back as CEO

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Open source bitcoin startup Blockstream, critical for a incursion into building sidechains for a bitcoin blockchain will now see a CEO during a helm.

In a new announcement, Blockstream suggested a unanimous preference by a company’s house of executive that saw Blockstream co-founder Adam Back turn CEO of a company.

Back hold a purpose of President before his new position and has also operated as a arch handling officer in a past.

Blockstream suggested effusive CEO Austin Hill will “pursue other opportunities” and has also stepped down from a board.


Adam Back

A distinguished educational in a bitcoin space, Adam has particularly contributed proof-of-work systems like Hashcash for cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. As a bitcoin advocate, Back is also a principal unite of a community Scaling Bitcoin annual event.

In statements following his new role, Adam stated:

I am celebrated to take on a CEO position during this critical proviso in a company’s expansion and am vehement about heading Blockstream to a full potential. We have a

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