Bitcoin Startup Ledger Wallet Participates in CES 2016

The Smartcard based bitcoin hardware wallet Ledger has become the only bitcoin startup to participate in the International Consumer Electronics Show (international CES) 2016, an event which showcases more than 3,600 exhibiting companies including developers of technology hardware and systems.

The Ledger Wallet team will demonstrate their bank and enterprise-grade blockchain-based products, including the original Ledger Bitcoin Wallet, Ledger BLUE and Ledger FIDO.

Since 2015, hardware products produced by Ledger Wallet such as Ledger Nano have begun to allure mainstream users, by providing a simple yet robust method of storing bitcoin. The Nano lightweight smart card device enables users to protect bitcoins and make safe payments using a USB. The wallet offers an uncomplicated backup and restoration procedure with an unprecedented level of security through their microchip and pin code encrypted system.

The startup is also set to exhibit Ledger FIDO, a technology which implements stronger authentication using public key cryptography through FIDO alliance.

FIDO alliance, a non-profit organization established in July 2012 have transformed the nature of online authentication over the past few years by developing scalable and interoperable set of mechanisms which reduce the reliance on passwords.

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