Bitcoin Startup Paymium Raised €1 Million in Seed Funding

French bitcoin startup Paymium has been able to raise €1 million in seed funding, which garnered contributions from French venture capital firms Newfund and Kima Ventures. It also drew financial support from Galitt, a payments consultancy and services firm, and a few angel investors.

Paymium acts as a bitcoin exchange for buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency. It also has services for facilitating merchant acceptance for bitcoin payments.

Bitcoin Startup Expansion

The new funds will go to the expansion of the company in Europe, as well as research and development efforts. Paymium is also looking into blockchain technology, which has been gaining traction among financial companies and established firms in the developed world.

Blockchain refers to the distributed public ledger of bitcoin transactions, which are updated by a network of computers solving complex algorithms in a process known as bitcoin mining. Many institutions and even governments have already tapped into this technology for record-keeping and trade settlement.

The company has also been teaming up with other firms in the cryptocurrency and payments industries in order to enhance its services. Last year, Paymium worked with Showroomprive, which used to be the largest merchant in Europe. It has also worked with Ingenico, a point of

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