Bitcoin Street Hustler Abducted by Kids Consents to Interview


(Brooklyn, NY) — Todd Kantor, a New York Bitcoin dealer, was assembly a male responding to has ad charity bitcoins for sale, when a transaction went south and fast developed into a harrowing abduction during gunpoint.

Now, for a initial time, a Brooklyn local agreed to be interviewed about that day when his Bitcoin dreams incited to fear and his life teetered along a corner of existence. Be forewarned, a following video is uncensored and contains clever language.

After removing into a backseat of a automobile to finish a transaction, a cryptoteen seated in a front constructed a handgun and took a street-smart bitcoin play hostage. When Kantor finally emerged from a horrible float dual hours later, he had been robbed of his $1100.00 in bitcoins.

I jumped in a behind seat, we should have (expletive) famous better, a child turns around, he’s got a revolver. we go for a doorway though a child reserve close is on. They kept me in a automobile for a integrate of hours and … finally booted me out.

Hopefully, this story will offer as food for suspicion for impending Bitcoin dealers. Remember to

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