Bitcoin Street Hustler Abducted by Kids Consents to Interview


(Brooklyn, NY) — Todd Kantor, a New York Bitcoin dealer, was meeting a man responding to has ad offering bitcoins for sale, when the transaction went south and rapidly evolved into a harrowing abduction at gunpoint.

Now, for the first time, the Brooklyn native agreed to be interviewed about that day when his Bitcoin dreams turned to horror and his life teetered along the edge of existence. Be forewarned, the following video is uncensored and contains strong language.

After getting into the backseat of the vehicle to complete the transaction, a cryptoteen seated in the front produced a handgun and took the street-smart bitcoin dealer hostage. When Kantor finally emerged from the hellish ride two hours later, he had been robbed of his $1100.00 in bitcoins.

I jumped in the back seat, we should have (expletive) known better, the kid turns around, he’s got a revolver. I go for the door but the child safety lock is on. They kept me in the car for a couple of hours and … finally booted me out.

Hopefully, this story will serve as food for thought for prospective Bitcoin dealers. Remember to always meet in a public location and never get into the buyer’s vehicle.

Bitcoin is extremely popular among various criminal types and is often used for dark and nefarious purposes. It’s important to keep that fact in mind whilst preparing to meet any unknown stranger.

Would you get into a suspicious car to conduct a bitcoin transaction? Is Craigslist a dangerous venue for selling the bitcoin. Log in below using your favorite social network and weigh in on the discussion.

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