Bitcoin: Stress test passed

bitcoin networkThe Bitcoin network has an unannounced stress test unscathed survived without major incident, although the company responsible for the stress test could only ship 15% of the originally planned transaction volume. Behind the stress test was the Bitcoin platform which planned a 100 block comprehensive test on 22 June 13:00 GMT to the Bitcoin network. CoinWallet had tried to send 20 BTC, divided into a total of 200 MB, through the network.

With the stress test, the company wanted to find out whether the currently 1 MB block size can cope with such a data flow and whether the network recovers quickly. CoinWallet’s claims to believe that the block size of 1MB is not sufficient when it should create Bitcoin to the mass acceptance and the digital currency turned out to be more than just an expensive science project. Ten Bitcoin server should send to every second two transactions with a size of each 3KB 10-20 addresses. The planned volume was not achieved, because the company’s servers have failed and could not release the planned volume.

CoinWallet got some criticism for having the stress test carried out live and unexpectedly, and some even dubbed the test as a “attack” on the Bitcoin network. For most users, the stress test is run without further incident. Although some anecdotal users reported delays, but whether this can be attributed to the stress test is unclear.

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