Bitcoin Suisse Founder: European Banks Will Soon Offer Bitcoin Wallets

Bitcoin Suisse Founder: European Banks Will Soon Offer Bitcoin Wallets

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Bitcoin Suisse founder, Niklas Nikolajsen, has pronounced that European bank accounts will eventually be charity bitcoin wallets.

In an talk with during a Fintech Conference Finance 2.0, Nikolajsen explained that while European banks will shortly be providing bitcoin wallets he didn’t mention that banks these would be, usually that it would ‘not be an outlandish bank.’

While digital currencies such as bitcoin are faster and cheaper than normal banking methods, it seems that a idea that banks will be providing bitcoin wallets anytime shortly is unrealistic. Nikolajsen seems to think, though, that a change to a banking complement will take place by a finish of 2016.

The Issue of Private Keys

One of a issues highlighted has to do with private keys. Those who have entrance to their private pivotal can openly spend a bitcoins related to that sold account.

However, if banks do eventually finish adult providing bitcoin wallets to their customers, they will be compulsory to palm over a control of those sold private keys.

It stays to be seen either or not this would be a case, that in

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