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Surveys are a good approach to benefit some-more profitable insights as to how people understand and use Bitcoin. The 2016 book of a Bitcoin Survey has been published a few mins ago and provides some critical information. It is certain to see a expansion of a Bitcoin ecosystem all over a world, even yet there is still a really prolonged approach to go.

The Bitcoin Survey 2016 Is A Great Success

When conducting a consult about a niche marketplace such as Bitcoin, one never knows what to design during first. The 2016 book of a Bitcoin Survey collected responses from 68 opposite countries, and respondents supposing their responses in 12 opposite languages. Unfortunately, a series of replies from Russia was really low, and China did not attend during all.

As was to be expected, Bitcoin stays a really male-oriented world, that is not wholly surprising. Just over 5% of all respondents are female, and we need to come adult with ways to boost this number. Interestingly enough, a infancy of Bitcoin users is possibly 20 years old, or between 25 and 39. There does seem to be a tiny uptake in “older generation” adopters as well, despite it

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