Bitcoin Survey 2016: Female Presence, Lost Funds And Why People …

Surveys are a great way to gain more valuable insights as to how people perceive and use Bitcoin. The 2016 edition of the Bitcoin Survey has been published a few minutes ago and provides some vital information. It is positive to see the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem all over the world, even though there is still a very long way to go.

The Bitcoin Survey 2016 Is A Great Success

When conducting a survey about a niche market such as Bitcoin, one never knows what to expect at first. The 2016 edition of the Bitcoin Survey collected responses from 68 different countries, and respondents provided their responses in 12 different languages. Unfortunately, the number of replies from Russia was very low, and China did not participate at all.

As was to be expected, Bitcoin remains a very male-oriented world, which is not entirely surprising. Just over 5% of all respondents are female, and we need to come up with ways to increase this number. Interestingly enough, the majority of Bitcoin users is either 20 years old, or between 25 and 39. There does seem to be a small uptake in “older generation” adopters as well, albeit it

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