Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It (2015) Film Review

The subject of money is undoubtedly a source of enigmatic confusion. Many people have covered it, from economic professors, to bloggers and authors; even Ira Glass on NPR. But Bitcoin continues to feed confusion over what it is, how it got here, and whether or not it could change money in our lifetime.

Director Torsten Hoffmann breaks out into the world of money with his energetic documentary, Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It” (2015). It’s dynamic, filled to the brim with hard-hitting history. There’s electricity in the pace, a kineticism in the narration, a fervor in the subject matter and the high-stakes world of finance. It is a rapid film that catches you off guard, with a title as provocative as itself.

The picture begins with a luring score that ushers us in, not to explore simply Bitcoin, but to hint at the basis of trade, commerce, and civil society. Montaging clips of personal interactions and crowds of people, Hoffmann opens the film as if opening the blinds on a warm and beautiful morning. His story of money is one filled with promise like a sunrise over a landscape of human spirit.

It is this very story that Hoffman brings us

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