Bitcoin: This Could Be Bad News for Bitcoin Prices

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Bitcoin PricesNew Law Could Threaten Bitcoin

A pivotal underline of bitcoin is underneath hazard and it could break a currency’s value. The European Commission is pulling a confidence check to drag bitcoin out of a shadows. No some-more anonymity. (Source: “Here’s Why Europe Is About to Crack Down on Bitcoin Anonymity,” Fortune, Feb 3, 2016.)

After a apprehension attacks in Paris, many lawmakers wish to tighten income laundering loopholes. Bitcoin is a digital currency, definition it offers a watchful channel for bootleg financing. A pivotal instance is Silk Road, a black marketplace web site best famous for shopping and offered drugs.

The site processed tens of millions in sales before a FBI got involved. EU officials are perplexing to forestall terrorists from regulating a same appropriation methods. If passed, a law would go into outcome by 2017. (Source: “The Rise Fall of Silk Road,” Wired, Apr 2015.)

Can Bitcoin Turn Mainstream?

However, gripping lane of bitcoin users might infer difficult. If a user acts on an sell outward Europe, it puts them over a strech of a EU Commission. Once they possess bitcoins, their peer-to-peer exchange are scarcely unfit to follow.


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