Bitcoin Tipping Platform Zapchain Shuts Down On Aug 31

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Zapchain was once touted as a destiny mainstream Bitcoin use cases. The association had a really elementary business model: everybody could contention calm and ask questions. Users could afterwards tip profitable answers of posts with Bitcoin payments. Unfortunately, a association announced they would close down after saying a poignant decrease in user activity.

Zapchain Comes At The End of The Line

Monetizing amicable activity with Bitcoin is a good judgment on paper, though it is rather formidable to achieve. Zapchain found that out a tough way, ever given rising behind in 2014.  As of Aug 31st, that is tomorrow, a association will close down all of a services. A rather startling spin of events, though not wholly startling either.

Zapchain would let users ask questions permitting them to prerogative a many useful answers. Bitcoin microtipping is an engaging resolution for this form of purpose, despite it was rather easy to abuse as well. Moreover, a inducement for people to prerogative others isn’t indispensably there, as there is no requirement to prerogative useful answers either.

Despite these drawbacks, Zapchain perceived US$350,000 in appropriation in 2015. That is utterly a poignant volume for such a startup

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