Bitcoin to Hardfork? Proposal Sees Grassroots Beginnings – CCN …

Bitcoin to Hardfork? Proposal Sees Grassroots Beginnings – CCN …

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After a year and a half of debate with no compromise reached, supporters of on-chain scaling, have, seemingly, decided to unilaterally hardfork.

A new subreddit, r/btcfork, was announced earlier today, quickly gaining attention and momentum with numerous threads published in just hours after the announcement was made and many bitcoiners joining in the lively debate.

It is not clear when the client will launch. The developers are not publicly known, save for by nickname. Freetrader, one of the developers, who, seemingly, is now joined by other coders in a grassroots manner, stated that he could not give a time estimate of when the client was to be launched, but, we should expect it within weeks.

This has never been done before, therefore new grounds are being broken. One question is whether to simply fork while maintaining the current miners, or fire them all in a proof of work fork. This leaves room for miners to influence the decision in the next few days, but both options have risks. Faced with their silence, one can expect the latter option

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