Bitcoin to Overtake Paypal and Established Financial Companies in Transaction …

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In 2013, bitcoin overtook a world’s largest remittance network Western Union’s value of daily transactions, recording an normal daily transaction volume of US$257 million.

According to Coinometrics, institutional-level bitcoin information and investigate firm, bitcoin was a 7th largest financial network in a world, only behind Paypal and Discover Network.

Coinometrics supposing Yahoo with this chart:


Two years ago, a normal series of daily bitcoin exchange was 80,000 per day, descending behind Western Union and Paypal that processed over 1 million exchange and payments per day.

Today, bitcoin is tighten to overtaking Paypal and a Discover network by daily transaction volume. According to information supposing by Quandl, estimated transaction volume of bitcoin now averages during around 200 million. However, progressing this year, a transaction volume of bitcoin appearance tighten to 340 million, leveling Paypal’s normal volume of 397 million.


“In a subsequent one or dual years, Bitcoin can transcend a dollar transaction volume of other determined remuneration companies including Discover, and even American Express, MasterCard, and Visa,” pronounced SmartMetric CEO Chaya Hendrick.

The presentation of bitcoin-based remittance

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