Bitcoin Tour Colombia 2016: Venezuelans and Colombians Met to Learn About Bitcoin’s Benefits

This past Saturday, August 27th Bitcoin Tour Colombia held its first event in Cucuta, it was part of a series that were organized across several cities including Bogota, Medellin and concluding in Cucuta located in the north of the border with Venezuela.

This initiative was formed by a collaboration of diverse local Bitcoiners lead by Arley Lozano (Vakano) who is a passionate fan of Bitcoin who was inspired by his experiences abroad in the Bitcoin space wanted to spread knowledge of Bitcoin in Colombia.

The announcement was met with great enthusiasm by the local Bitcoin community in part because of the close proximity of the events to the border which made it easy for Venezuelan Bitcoiners to attend. This activity allowed the attendees to share their ideas, knowledge, and doubts about Bitcoin.

The event kicked off with Arley Lozano the organizer of the event who began with an introduction of what is Bitcoin, how transactions are broadcast on the Bitcoin blockchain, how to create a wallet for the first time. He also addressed several attendees who were victims of recent ponzi schemes using bitcoin, emphasizing that Bitcoin is not a pyramid based system nor an investment program. Bitcoin is a decentralized network where

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