Bitcoin Tour Colombia 2016: Venezuelans and Colombians Met to Learn About Bitcoin’s Benefits

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This past Saturday, Aug 27th Bitcoin Tour Colombia hold a initial eventuality in Cucuta, it was partial of a array that were orderly opposite several cities including Bogota, Medellin and final in Cucuta located in a north of a limit with Venezuela.

This beginning was shaped by a partnership of different internal Bitcoiners lead by Arley Lozano (Vakano) who is a ardent fan of Bitcoin who was desirous by his practice abroad in a Bitcoin space wanted to widespread believe of Bitcoin in Colombia.

The proclamation was met with good unrestrained by a internal Bitcoin village in partial since of a tighten vicinity of a events to a limit that done it easy for Venezuelan Bitcoiners to attend. This activity authorised a attendees to share their ideas, knowledge, and doubts about Bitcoin.

The eventuality kicked off with Arley Lozano a organizer of a eventuality who began with an introduction of what is Bitcoin, how exchange are promote on a Bitcoin blockchain, how to emanate a wallet for a initial time. He also addressed several attendees who were victims of new ponzi schemes regulating bitcoin, emphasizing that Bitcoin is not a pyramid formed complement nor an investment program. Bitcoin is a decentralized network where

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