Bitcoin Tracker: The Unbanked-Profit Dilemma

Can the unbanked benefit from bitcoin, or are they merely the experimental subjects of bitcoin adherents, lobbyists and scientists? This week’s Bitcoin Tracker takes a look at the recent bitcoin projects that are in the news and that are targeting the unbanked.


Bitso Eyes The Latin Market

The regulatory framework for bitcoin is a mess in Mexico, as it is in most countries, but Bitso, a bitcoin exchange startup, sees a future in Mexico and Latin America. Daniel Vogel, cofounder and president of Bitso, told CoinDesk: “There are some places where there’s been a significant amount of bitcoin activity in Latin America, but there are other places that are very, very quiet. I think those places are very interesting.”

Bitso was founded in 2014, and the startup has just raised $2.5 million from investors, such as Monex Group, which conducted $160 billion in transactions last year in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.

The users of the

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