Bitcoin Traders Should Explore Foreign Exchange Arbitrage Opportunities

Arbitrage in the cryptocurrency world is nothing new under the sun, as various exchanges seem to maintain different prices. However, these gaps are usually a few dollars worth at best. That situation has come to change, as trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies against particular fiat currencies may prove to be far more lucrative than anticipated.

FX Turmoil Opens Reverse Bitcoin Arbitrage Opportunities

When it comes to arbitraging Bitcoin exchanges, traders will usually stick to the same fiat currency. For example, one exchange trades 5-8 USD above or below the next, which creates a gap waiting to be exploited. Events like these are not all that uncommon, albeit less frequent than some people may like at this point.

But just a week ago, a reserve scenario had taken place. The volatility across foreign exchange markets is creating some interesting shifts very few people will take advantage of. Bitcoin, due to its global appeal, can be traded against nearly every fiat currency in the world. Given the volatile nature of some of these currencies, such as the Yen, Real, and Ruble, new price gaps emerge.

Although it takes some figuring out, it is not

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