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For many years now, binary options brokers have been offering traders the option of trading in traditional commodities, assets and currency pairs like the USD/EUR, GBP/USD and EUR/GBP. However, over recent years there have been moves to embrace more unconvential approaches. Today, several binary options brokers have added bitcoins to their list of currencies for trading and now, BTC/USD and BTC/EUR pairings, among others, are frequently found. When selecting a top rated binary options broker, many traders look for one which offers them the opportunity to trade bitcoins as binary options represent the perfect way of trading in this volatile currency.

Why are Binaries a Good Choice for Trading Bitcoins?

In general, Bitcoin is a bullish currency which virtually never decreases in value, even when paired with a high performing currency. Therefore, generally speaking, when an investor trades bitcoins against another form of currency, their trade will be more bullish than bearish.

There are many advantages to trading Bitcoins as an underlying currency asset. Thanks to its bullish nature, it is very easy for a trader to

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