Bitcoin Unlimited May Have Received Stolen Funds as Donation

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Bitcoin Unlimited recently made news after it received an unusually large donation of around $500,000 in bitcoins. The donation amount is now mired in controversy after it was claimed to have come from a questionable source.

According to few reports, the donation received by the project may have been part of funds stolen from Kraken, a leading digital currency exchange. There were unconfirmed reports of Kraken suffering from a security breach that resulted in a theft. While the exact amount of Bitcoin stolen during the incident is not clear, few users tracking the stolen funds on the Bitcoin blockchain believe that it is the same stolen stash which has made its way to Bitcoin Unlimited’s wallets.

A portion of Bitcoin that was donated to Bitcoin Unlimited seems to have followed the same path through coin mixing services as rest of the stolen funds. A Bitcoin taint analysis conducted by one of the Redditor shows the whole transaction tree. The OP, without making any conclusions has put it out there for the community to come to their own conclusion.

bitcoin unlimited

bitcoin unlimited


Grey: Kraken address from

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