Bitcoin Up $3 Dollars as Slow March Continues –

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Bitcoin is up $3 dollars today, after yesterday’s lull. We opened at $283.05, stay flat for most of the day, then rallied to a high of $288.50 dollars per coin. We are currently quoted at $286.94 on BTC-E, not far from the highs. We can see the price action for the last three days on the chart below.


On OKCoin we opened at $288 flat, then rallied to a high of $293.13 around mid-day. We are trading at $291.78 right now. You can find a live OKCoin chart HERE. You can also find several BTC/USD charts from various exchanges on TradingView, a popular web-based chart platform.

Futures on OKCoin rallied strongly today. The September 25th contract opened at $300.88 and hit a high of $310.01. It’s currently quoted at $307.66 dollars. This puts the premium over spot at just under $16 dollars. This is relatively high but we’ve seen futures prices diverge strongly during times of high volatility. On July 10th this particular contract hit a high of $356.02 before closing at $305.46. The premium on

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