Bitcoin users have been warned about a potential attack by government hackers

soldier computers army us borderWho’s behind the impending attack? Is it even real? Who knows.Gary Williams/Getty Images

Another day, another crazy bitcoin story.

This time: Users are being warned that an upcoming release of digital currency could be targeted by “state-sponsored hackers.”

Popular bitcoin information site has been updated with a message urging users to take care when updating their software: “ has reason to suspect that the binaries for the upcoming Bitcoin Core release will likely be targeted by state sponsored attackers. As a website, does not have the necessary technical resources to guarantee that we can defend ourselves from attackers of this calibre. We ask the Bitcoin community, and in particular the Chinese Bitcoin community to be extra vigilant when downloading binaries from our website.”

Bitcoin is open-source, meaning that anyone can download the code that powers the digital currency themselves and compile it into software. But ordinary users without the time (or technical know-how) can just download binaries — pre-compiled versions of the software that do not require any special knowledge to run.

The contributor to is worried that these binaries might be targeted: “If an attacker

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