Bitcoin Users In India Will Benefit From Reliance Jio Data Plans

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Mobile internet connectivity is quickly becoming the new norm in developing countries. Rather than relying on more expensive fibre connections, mobile data plans are a great way to stay connected to the world. Over in India, Reliance Industries have come up with a new data tariff. Prices will drop well below US$1 per GB, which may boost the number of Bitcoin users in the country to new heights.

Reliance Industries has a clear mission for the future of mobile data. Although India is already rather cheap regarding data plans, the company feels there is still lots of room for improvements. Pushing the price per GB of mobile data below US$1 will be quite a challenge, though. Compared to current prices, that would mean a 350% decrease.

Reliance Industries Has An Aggressive Plan

The company laid these plans out during a recent presentation at their annual general meeting. Reliance Jio, as this service is called, will offer data plans costing US$0.75 per GB. Compared to rates in the US – US$10 – and Japan – US$30 – it is evident the price per GB can be a lot cheaper than what most people pay right now. Similarly to fibre

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