Bitcoin Video Casino Adds Two-Factor Authentication Feature for Players’ Accounts

Renowned online gaming platform Bitcoin Video Casino has added an additional security feature at logins to protect players’ funds stored online.

The latest feature is Two-Factor Authentication, a multi factor authentication protocol designed to protect users’ accounts from malicious login attempts. It is an extra layer of security that requires more than just username and password from users in order to allow them access to their respective gaming accounts. The additional requirement in this case can be a piece of information — a one-time verification code — to matriculate the overall security protocol.

The growing digital crimes against Bitcoin companies has somewhat aroused the need of having additional security protocols. With the latest changes, Bitcoin Video Casino perfectly illustrates its seriousness towards tackling online threats. Prior to introducing the 2FA feature, the online casino has also made sure to impose effective anti-cheating features all across its platform.

For instance: Bitcoin Video Casino is among the only online gaming platforms that follows the prestigious “Provably Fair” standard. The standard, which is based on a mathematical algorithm, ensures that online betting are conducted in safe and reliable manner, without facing manipulation from third parties.

“Play with confidence!,” BVC ensures. “We guarantee that every Video Poker

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  • Antony

    Whose two-factor authentication solution did they implement? I am looking for a good solution for my Bitcoin Exchange and it seems to me that Protectimus 2FA could be a good choice. What do you think about it?