Bitcoin Video Casino Maintains Fair Gaming Practices

Renowned and reputed Bitcoin gaming website, Bitcoin Video Casino, has ensured players that it uses the best standards to protect their bets from online frauds.

Online casinos are often looked as placed where chances of cheating is quite high. It is due to the fact that many bad actors still functions within this industry, for their have been multiple cases in the last few years that speaks about players losing huge bets due to shady interferences.

The honest lot from the online gaming industry has consequently come up with a tool that makes sure players are not cheated. This new standard is called Provably Fair, and any online gaming portal integrating its algorithm is verified as fair and transparent by the gambling community.

In case of Bitcoin Video Casino, the gaming platform has always taken an active stand while implementing these standards into its services. And it remains to be the most transparent one, for it provides all the information that is needed to verify that their games are fair.

The platform creates and sends a SHA-256 hash of their server seed to the player’s web browser. This encrypted message is difficult to be read and made sense of but, at the same time, serves as the encryption of the original seed number. Any player can use this hash to verify whether the original seed number was manipulated or not.

“The reason that we can guarantee this is that your web browser supplies a random number that we must incorporate into the random number generator in a provably consistent way,” the casino adds. “Our server first shuffles the deck, and your computer then gives us a random number that we must use to repeatedly cut the deck. Since our servers do not know what random number your computer will send, we have no way of knowing how the shuffle will look in the end.”

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