Bitcoin, Visa, And The Hybrid Cryptocurrency Debit Card

E-coin is looking to position itself as the most useful and comfortable tool for spending bitcoin anywhere in the world with the rollout of their cypto debit cards. The startup introduced an innovative way for Bitcoin enthusiasts to easily and securely convert crypto into fiat currency and spend funds through the global Visa infrastructure.

Anyone that holds bitcoin knows that one of the challenges we face today are the low number of options to spend bitcoin offline. And one way to tackle this concern, as proposed by e-coin, is by merging the Bitcoin infrastructure with the existing financial climate. In essence, they are taking an already widely accepted form of payment, debit cards, and combining it with Bitcoin to create a new hybrid cryptocurrency debit card.

Bitcoin Debit Cards

Hybrid cryptocurrency debit cards

Currently, the company supports three different fiat currencies in addition to bitcoin. These currencies include USD, GBP and EUR. The EUR and GBP denominated debit cards are also independent of banks since they function on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Whatsmore, the cards are protected from unauthorized access of funds through BitGo’s multi-sig security. This means that no one (including e-coin themselves) can

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