Bitcoin Vs Anonymous Digital Currencies- A Brief Historical Comparison

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is quite well-known already, mainly due to various reasons. Upon introduction, bitcoin gained prominence due to its unique features. Bitcoin was believed to be anonymous, mainly due to its decentralized protocol and high standards of encryption. Except for a sequence of characters, the bitcoin network doesn’t have any other unique features that render the user readily identifiable. These special properties made bitcoin popular amongst the deep web users.

The extensive use of bitcoin across the deep web users, followed by the emergence and fall of Silk Road, helped bitcoin gain more prominence. While most of us understand bitcoin and how it “ticks”, there have been other digital currencies with their own set of features. Some of them were introduced way before bitcoin and there are few that emerged following bitcoin’s birth. However, not many could withstand the test of time and there are few that still exist in a form different from the original.

Comparison between bitcoin and other digital currencies.

cryptocurrency tablecryptocurrency table

The list of digital currencies that have come and gone is extensive. The ones listed above have

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