Bitcoin VS Ethereum: Cryptocurrency Comparison

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Since a redeem in early 2009, Bitcoin has been a trailblazing personality of a cryptocurrency revolution. Countless imitators have come and left though Bitcoin stays dominant, notwithstanding impending a stream boundary of a transactional capacity.

Ethereum, combined mid-2015, is Bitcoin’s strongest rival… But can Ethereum broach on a hype surrounding a difficult technology, as good as redeem from a new fantastic failure of a DAO, to adopt Bitcoin’s primacy?

  • Bitcoin

  • bitcoinbitcoin
  • 2009
  • Over 10 billion
  • High
  • Proof of work
  • Not during a moment
  • ASIC miners
  • 21 million
  • over 100 contributers
  • 1.8 ExaHash
  • Mining