Bitcoin Vs. Gold Overall Analysis

The Bitcoin vs. Gold debate has raged on in investment circles since bitcoin has entered mainstream discussion among increasingly interested investors. Gold has been used as a form of currency and trade for thousands of years and absolutely has a track record for reliability and preservation of wealth. However, as the rookie onto the scene, Bitcoin may be the kind of financial and technological breakthrough to dispute gold as the monetary kingpin.

Early on in its life cycle, experienced investors began challenging the legitimacy of bitcoin value and arguing how such a commodity could hold intrinsic value. What differentiates bitcoin from a mere collectible and what makes it related to precious metal assets such as gold or silver? Among many circles, particularly gold bugs and older-generation investors, bitcoin was not viewed a solid investment up until very recently. Which factors of bitcoin inspire this validity of investment?


In order to accurately investigate the value of Bitcoin vs. Gold, we must determine which characteristics of gold are valuable and prop them up versus the promise of bitcoin. When we weigh the implications of today’s financial environment, it is clear to see why bitcoin is being

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