Bitcoin Wallet Airbitz Nears Buy and Sell App Launch

AirbitzBitcoin wallet provider Airbitz continues to close in on the release of buy-and-sell functionalities within its wallets interface. The Lead architect of the wallet, William Swanson, recently told CCN that the firm will soon offer the service around the globe through its partners.

“Our US partner is bringing their service online and is in private Beta at the moment,” Swanson said. “We will be able to switch on our in-app integration soon.” The company also has a Eurozone partner ready to go.

“We just need to hook up a bit of code,” Swanson said. By offering this service through its partners, Airbitz is spared the regulatory headache of following regulations in each state and country.

Swanson, who has written software since the age of 11 years-old and is the chief architect and founder of Airbitz, has dedicated himself to Airbitz and its wallet technology. The wallet is one of the favorite Bitcoin wallet options today.

“Bitcoin is all about these things called ‘private keys.’ A key is just a big number – about 80 digits – that controls an amount of bitcoins,” Swanson told CCN.

“Losing the key means losing access to the

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