Bitcoin Wallets to Adopt Biometric Authentication?

Bitcoin wallets are already known to be very secure, as most feature a multisig verification and provide both public and private keys for users. However, recent hacking incidents and online theft could lead some companies to consider biometric authentication.

Just recently, HYPR Corp. announced the availability of its biometric authentication SDK which could be used for third-party integration. This means that bitcoin wallets could be able to add yet another layer of security to their services.

Bitcoin Wallets Authentication

The HYPR SDK enables enterprises to seamlessly implement biometric authentication in any application. Users may use biometric device, such as phones and tablets to authenticate with fingerprint, facial or voice recognition. It also includes mobile and desktop client libraries, as well as server-side software, to enable biometric tokenization.

What makes the company’s biometric authentication service unique is that, unlike other biometric security protocols, the HYPR platform allows users to authenticate actions without ever transmitting biometric data across the internet. Instead of storing user data on a centralized server, HYPR keeps data securely offline.

Aside from that, since HYPR is device-agnostic, users and companies can make use of practically any device to conduct verification or to store biometric data. This gives enterprise customers

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