Bitcoin was ostensible to change a world. What happened?

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A few years ago, Bitcoin advocates were touting a intensity to renovate a financial sector.

“What would occur if we and we could only sell income but it ever going by a bank,” try entrepreneur and early Bitcoin believer Marc Andreessen asked me in a 2014 interview

Bitcoin could describe banks archaic most as a internet had rendered newspapers and record stores irrelevant, optimists thought. Eventually, a attention could be rebuilt with Bitcoin as a new foundation. we was one of a people who suspicion this prophesy was plausible.

But it’s apropos transparent that companies like MasterCard and Western Union are in no risk of going a approach of Tower Records. Venture capitalists have poured some-more than a billion dollars into Bitcoin startups, nonetheless we seem to be no closer to creation Bitcoin a mainstream technology. To a vast extent, Bitcoin currently is still used for a same applications — unlawful exchange and financial conjecture — that it was in 2014 and 2012.

“I consider Bitcoin has stalled out,” pronounced Nathaniel Popper, a contributor for a New York Times who wrote a book about Bitcoin in 2014.

What went wrong? The Bitcoin village has been hampered

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