Bitcoin Websites Experience Service Outage in Venezuela

website down, error

A number of bitcoin websites experienced downtime today over a period of roughly four hours due to what appears to be a DNS server error at a major Internet service provider (ISP).

Affected websites included local Latin American exchanges such as BlinkTrade, BitInka and SurBTC, as well as larger international startups such as Bitstamp, Blockchain, BTC-e and Coinbase.

Other outlets such as and LocalBitcoins remained accessible during this time, and at press time, all websites said to have been affected were once again online. However, a video provided to CoinDesk by local bitcoin users illustrated how pages suffered from long load times, eventually proving inaccessible.

Members of the local Venezuelan bitcoin community first began reporting the outages earlier today on Bitcoin Venezuela, a local Facebook group with more than 6,000 members.

An analysis by CoinDesk indicated the error was most likely due to an ISP issue, but that an error at distributed DNS services provider CloudFlare could have also caused the issue. Local reports connected the issue to a DNS server of state-owned ISP CANTV.

An examination of traceroute information provided by local users indicated the websites were not being blocked.

At the time, group admins indicated that the websites

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