Bitcoin Weekly 2015 October 27: European Union rules BTC exempt from VAT …

As of writing, is currently reporting that the market price of BTC is $300.98. This marks the first time that Bitcoin has remained above the $300 mark for a sustained period of time since January this year. (There was a brief spike during July, but that didn’t last.)

This marks the third week of continually rising price of bitcoin on the market and equally continued speculation as to the source. Last week the community linked it to China and the launch of the Gemini exchange; this week a writer at the International Buisness Times thinks it’s related to the European VAT court decision (see below).

As for the news, already mentioned is that a European Union high court decided that BTC purchases are not subject to value-added tax. Bitfinex, a popular Bitcoin exchange, is bringing a real-time debit card to its customers. BTCC (formerly BTC China) just launched a large-volume margin trading service called Pro Exchange. And Nasdaq may finally reveal its blockchain-based securities trading platform to the world after its initial announcement in May of this year.

This and more in today Bitcoin Weekly.

European Union High Court rules bitcoin purchases not subject to VAT

The European Union’s

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