Bitcoin Weekly 2016 Aug 17: Bitfinex penetrate halt report, KeepKey wallet does ShapeShift trades, Copay users can …

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It’s a week of wallets in a Bitcoin ecosystem with KeepKey and BitPay’s Copay both creation announcements. The hardware wallet KeepKey only announced a firmware change that allows wallet users to make trades on a ShapeShift cryptocurrency sell height (currently for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin). BitPay’s Copay wallet app also announced a change that will capacitate users to squeeze present cards with bitcoin in app.

On a gaming circuit, blockchain-based platforms are commencement to uncover how practical equipment can be cumulative as crypto-assets. A singular edition, singular label in a trade label diversion (TCG) Spells of Genesis grown by EverdreamSoft only traded for approximately $3,700 USD. And, with a vigilant of producing a height for TCGs, EverdreamSoft and IndieSquare have teamed adult to jointly arise a blockchain-based height for arising practical skill (in this case, practical tradable cards).

As for a stream Bitcoin market, now BTC is trade during $577.35 USD ( This comes as a small bit of a drop from final week’s high of $597. Monday this week, Bitcoin marketplace value reached a low of $654 though has given been on a arise again behind to a cost it binds currently. Much of the

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