Bitcoin Weekly 2016 Aug 24: Bitstamp turns 5 Ledger wallet giveaway, CEO of CHBTC interview, final Silk Road …

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This week brings a birthday for London-based Bitstamp Bitcoin exchange, a association is branch 5 and is giving divided a garland of Nano Ledger hardware wallets. News opening CryptoCoinsNews interviewed a CEO of China-based sell CHBTC, who answered some questions about China and Bitcoin. The final auction for bitcoins sized in a Silk Road auction, nonetheless a audience has been a lowest of all a auctions during usually 5 bidders.

The blockchain record fintech universe is flourishing some-more engaging with Swiss bank UBS announcing a blockchain-based vital banking remittance system, so expanding a horizons for a use of blockchain in fintech.

For Bitcoin Core enthusiasts, chronicle 0.13.0 of Bitcoin Core was only expelled (and is accessible for installation) with countless updates and fixes to a protocol, though many importantly preparations for Segregated Witness–a due resolution that will reduce a information distance of Bitcoin blockchain exchange and concede some-more to be stored in blocks.

As for a Bitcoin market, stream value appears to be holding during $583.46 USD ( According to charts during this is adult from final week during $572. For many of a month, Bitcoin has confirmed a value around $570-580

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