Bitcoin Weekly 2016 August 24: Bitstamp turns 5 Ledger wallet giveaway, CEO of CHBTC interview, final Silk Road …

This week brings a birthday for London-based Bitstamp Bitcoin exchange, the company is turning five and is giving away a bunch of Nano Ledger hardware wallets. News outlet CryptoCoinsNews interviewed the CEO of China-based exchange CHBTC, who answered some questions about China and Bitcoin. The final auction for bitcoins sized in the Silk Road auction, although the turnout has been the lowest of all the auctions at only five bidders.

The blockchain technology fintech world is growing more interesting with Swiss bank UBS announcing a blockchain-based major currency remittance system, thus expanding the horizons for the use of blockchain in fintech.

For Bitcoin Core enthusiasts, version 0.13.0 of Bitcoin Core was just released (and is available for installation) with numerous updates and fixes to the protocol, but most importantly preparations for Segregated Witness–a proposed solution that will lower the data size of Bitcoin blockchain transactions and allow more to be stored in blocks.

As for the Bitcoin market, current value appears to be holding at $583.46 USD ( According to charts at this is up from last week at $572. For most of the month, Bitcoin has maintained a value around $570-580

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