Bitcoin Weekly 2016 February 24: Butterfly Labs FTC slap on the wrist, Ledger segwit approval, Bitcoin Core 0.12

After really messing up the lives of potential customers and finally losing a fraud case to the United States Federal Trade Commission, Butterfly Labs receives a “slap on the wrist” of pennies on the dollar fines compared to the original settlement. Talk of segregated witness has reached the ears of Ledger hardware wallet, one part of the Bitcoin industry which will benefit hugely from this proposal.

This week Bitcoin Core version 0.12.0 announced this most recent release alongside a large number of new features and improvements including Tor hidden services connectivity (and other interesting additions).

Sony is working on education-centric use of blockchain technology that powers apps for PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets designed to make math fun and interesting.

Today the Bitcoin market value sits around $426 ( and for the past week the market price has seen one upwards fluctuation. Market price started out the week around $420, jumped up to $440, and then fell once again back to the $420 range. The overall trend appears to be up from early February, starting around $380 and then rose significantly towards the now-end of the month.

Butterfly Labs owes more than $38.6 million to FTC over scam charges,

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